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looking glass is a performance metaphor examining the loss of childhood innocence over time. As I have grown up and matured, my inner child remains strong. She is enchanted by the world around her, and looks to me with hope and wonder in her eyes.

There are times when I look at her with hope and wonder back, however, I am most often overwhelmed and torn between the feelings of allowing my inner child to be confronted with the harsh reality of growing up, and masking her eyes from the outside to preserve her playfulness and curiosity. As humans (and artists) we are constantly evolving and processing our world in ways that make sense to us. It’s what shapes us into our unique beings. looking glass personifies the nuanced nature of this phenomenon.

A love letter to Generation Z and Millennials, Genzennial examines the mindset of these individuals in a world where everything seems to be against them. Professed to be "lazy sociopaths" and out for themselves, these two generations have had it tough.

I am caught in the middle of these two generations. Not quite Gen Z, not quite Millennial. Born in 2000, I have had first hand experience growing up in an environment where you're seen as young and immature, even though you're speaking up for what you believe in and trying to make a change.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is an exploration into the challenges of womanhood. Heavily inspired by Marilyn Monroe, this piece articulates the crossroads of identity women face as they grow through their lives - forced to be demure and innocent, and expected to hold both domestic and professional life.

Sexism and ageism are two facets of life that I have gotten used to. Growing up in a conservative state, I received many criticisms compared to my much older, more experienced male colleagues. I developed a very necessary thick skin and confidence that has opened the door to many opportunities. I have learned to be a strong advocate for myself and my art. Still, I feel caught in the middle between who I am, and who society deems me to be. 

hotflash is a minuature that expands these small moments of extreme internal heat to a moment of interpretive performance.

Performed by DuoCortona

ZODIAC is a collection of four pieces each representing an element from the traditional Greek Zodiac. Each element is represented by a dancer.

Written for The Walden School of music, Ti Do is a look at the Heaven's Gate cult in the 1980s. In this piece, a clarinetist is sucked into the cult via Marshal Applewhite's words. She acts in dialog with is words interpreting and rationalizing her actions.

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