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Gracie Fagan (she/her) is a multimedia artist and entrepreneur based in Lincoln, NE. She has written for acoustic, electroacoustic, and data-driven mediums in conjunction with dance, theatre, visual projection, lighting, and set design. Her research and works hinge upon examining the difference between human perception and reality, and comment on social and political justice. As a stark feminist and lover of psychology, Fagan's work drives forward a climate of collaboration beyond the arts and depicts the subconscious credibility bias against minorities in society.

In recent years, Fagan has guest lectured in multiple colleges within the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (UNL) on entrepreneurship within the arts and the importance of an inclusive undergraduate music curriculum.
Fagan's pieces continue to be selected for showcase in national conferences, including but not limited to the Women Composer's Festival of Hartford, Eugene Difficult New Music Ensemble, completing a residency with the Walden school, and the Electronic Music Midwest Festival. In light of her contribution to the development of the undergraduate composition program at UNL, she has received multiple grants to further her work, including the Ida M. Vreeland Award for outstanding creativity, the Vada Kinmann Oldfield grant for academic and artistic advocacy of minorities, the John Phillips Sousa band award, and the 2018 Nebraska Young Artist award.
She received her Bachelor's of Music Composition degree from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in 2023. She has gone on to pursue a Master's of Music Composition (Technology emphasis) degree and teach at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying the relationship between data-driven art and the human psychological conception of environment.

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